What is the easiest way to purchase a Seal-Tight?

A visit to your nearest stockist will enable you to choose the correct size and model for your needs.

If this isn’t convenient or we don’t have a stockist near you – order from us online.

How do I order a Seal-Tight online?

Why are there two models?

Original – for shower and bath

Freedom – for shower, bath and swimming (light activity)

When will I receive my order.

Orders received prior to 3pm will be dispatched same day via overnight Courier. Orders received after 3pm will be dispatched the next working day. Items dispatched on a Friday will be delivered on Monday. If it is a rural address an extra day may be needed.

How will I decide what size to get?

Refer to sizing guide next to individual product descriptions under heading ‘Sealsure Products

The Only Suitable Seal-Tight is longer than I need – will it still be ok?

Yes – Length only becomes an issue if there isn’t enough of it. Seal-Tight doesn’t have to be pulled on to the maximum and the bag is soft, so extra length doesn’t matter.

What is the guarantee on the Seal-Tight?

The Seal-Tight is guaranteed to last the life of the cast approx 4-6 weeks.

Can I use a Seal-Tight whilst swimming?

The Freedom Seal-Tight is recommended for swimming (light activity). If it’s a matter of keeping cool in a pool, no problem. If however you are going to “go for it” there is a risk that water turbulence from kicking or striking out could dislodge the seal.

The Original (Blue ring) Seal-Tight is for shower and bath only.

Am I able to get a Seal-Tight on ACC?

Sealsure Ltd is an ACC accredited supplier, check with your Case Manager.

Our Vendor Code is SEALSURE.