Sealsure Products



Showering and bathing only

SEAL-TIGHT® ORIGINAL slips easily over casts or bandages on arms and legs to form a watertight seal.  The secret is the flex-seal rubber diaphram closure which helps make SEAL TIGHT® ORIGINAL the preferred choice of doctors and patients worldwide.


RRP: $54.00



Swimming – showering and bathing

SEAL-TIGHT® FREEDOM is designed for active adults and kids. Whether it’s showering, bathing or swimming (light activity) – FREEDOM will provide a safe, watertight enclosure around arms and legs.


RRP: $52.00



Showering and bathing

SEAL-TIGHT® Protector is a safe, economical and effective covering for dressings surrounding PICC lines and elbow/knee surgeries. Open design allows user the freedom to use his/her hand. Easy application eliminates need for pumps, hook & loop closure straps and adhesive tapes that may irritate skin. Made of TPE, high performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily, folds compactly and maintains waterproof seal. Reusable. Not made with natural rubber latex.


RRP: $52.00