POLAR ICE® Wrist/Elbow Wrap
POLAR ICE® Wrist/Elbow Wrap

POLAR ICE® Wrist/Elbow Wrap

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The Polar Ice® Wrist/Elbow Wrap is great for relieving pain from bruises, strains and injuries from soft tissue trauma. The wrap is made from fleece so that it’s comfortable on the skin and prevents you from getting any ice burns. The fleece holds encapsulated ice packs (filled with purified water) so that you can ice the entire forearm from wrist to elbow, and its adjustable loops allow you to compress the affected area to your preference. 

The Polar Ice® Wrist/Elbow Wrap is a versatile and easy-to-use product for pain and swelling so that you can return to living your life to the fullest as soon as possible.


1. The Polar Ice® Wrist/Elbow Wrap provides effective relief from pain and swelling/edema

2. Made from fleece that is comfortable on the skin and acts as an insulating layer between the ice and your skin, preventing any frostbite that can occur with direct ice-on-skin contact

3. Ice packs are in separate pockets so that the ice doesn’t move out of position while you use it

4. Ergonomically designed so that it conforms to the shape or contours of your affected area

5. Has a hook-and-loop closure system so you can compress the affected area 

6. Large enough so that you can treat the entire forearm, from wrist to elbow so that you can quickly return to full function of your forearm

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting cold therapy
  • Soft fleece covering protects the skin
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