Seal-Tight® Video Instructions

Please note Seal-Tight® covers should only be worn while showering, bathing or swimming. Walking with your Seal-Tight® leg cover on could cause it to weaken and possibly leak. With Children, adult supervision is recommended.

Instruction Videos:

 Click Here for Seal-Tight ORIGINAL:                                                         

Click Here for Seal-Tight FREEDOM:

Click Here for Seal-Tight SPORT:

Click Here for Seal-Tight PROTECTOR:

Three Reasons Patients Swear By Seal-Tight®

1. Preserves the pleasure of daily water-related routines.

Bathing, showering and swimming are still easy, enjoyable activities when you use Seal-Tight® products. With professional moisture protection coverings from Seal-Tight®, you can confidently resume your regular daily routines without worry or interruption. While you recover, Seal-Tight® helps maintain your quality of life every day.

2. Improves hygiene.

With Seal-Tight® products your skin, casts and bandages stay clean and dry. By maintaining a clean and sanitary site, Seal-Tight® products reduce potential infections and promote uninterrupted healing.

3. Avoids costly repair and replacement.

Seal-Tight® products seal out moisture, saving the costs of unexpected doctor visits to replace casts, bandages, splints or dressings that can be seriously damaged by water penetration.