About Us

SealSure was founded in 2003 when a family member found themselves in a particularly tricky situation - a need to shower comfortably whilst keeping a full arm cast dry. They were told “just wrap it in a rubbish bag and be careful..." we believed there HAD to be a more efficient, safer and convenient solution to this problem. Enter Seal-Tight Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protectors - the worlds leading brand in waterproof cast protection!
We work closely with hospitals, medical centres, surgeons and nursing organisations who recommend the Seal-Tight to patients as the most effective way to keep their cast, bandage, wound site or PICC line dry. SealSure’s vision is to improve patients quality of life through providing innovative products that assist with everyday life.
In 2020, we added the IMAK Compression and Polar Ice Cold Therapy Support range to our portfolio:
IMAK Compression products provide natural relief from pain and stress and are specifically designed to help reduce swelling, improve circulation and provide warmth to affected areas.
Polar Ice delivers the benefit of cryotherapy with compression for soft tissue trauma.
If you have any queries regarding these products and/or sizing – please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 021 732 590 or sealsurenz@gmail.com