Better Breathing Kids
Better Breathing Kids
Better Breathing Kids

Better Breathing Kids

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For Children's Breathing Performance -

The Better Breathing Kids uses an all-natural process to improve your child's breathing, gain that competitive edge in sports and for general health & wellbeing.

Improve your child's breathing with these impressive benefits: 

✔ Easier Breathing & Clearer Chest

✔ Longer Workout & Play Times

✔ Improved Recovery Times

✔ Improved Sleep

✔ Improved Health & Wellbeing

The Better Breathing Kids uses vibrations & resistance, which mimics the cough mechanism to improve the oxygen delivery system for improved energy and sporting performance.

This product comes with dual resistance settings (low & medium resistance) for progressive performance. This product is designed for children aged 4 - 14 years old. 

The Better Breathing Kids will come with the medium resistance ball bearing positioned in the product, if you are unable to maintain a consistent vibration through your exhaled breath, swap to the low resistance ball bearing and work your way up.

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This Product May Not Be Right For You, Please Read The Warnings Before Purchase:

Contraindications of Untreated Pneumothorax; Tuberculosis; Oesophageal surgery; Right-sided heart failure; Middle ear pathology, such as ruptured tympanic membrane.

Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.