POLAR ICE® Shin Wrap
POLAR ICE® Shin Wrap
POLAR ICE® Shin Wrap

POLAR ICE® Shin Wrap

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Relief for shin splints! The Shin Wrap is a neoprene sleeve with a Polar Ice insert along the anterior aspect of the lower leg. It provides therapeutic ice and compression for effective treatment of inflammation and pain associated with stress on the lower leg, supporting lower leg muscles and tissue while allowing mobility during use. Excellent to use with sport activities, including cross-country, track and soccer or with excessive biomechanical pronation or supination of foot. Use to treat medial tibial stress syndrome, bruises or muscle strains.


1. The Polar Ice® Shin Wrap reduces pain and control swelling, allowing faster recovery.

2. Provides cold therapy during rehabilitation, physical activities, or other injuries.

3. Neoprene stretch material for easy wrapping and comfort

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting cold therapy
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